Emerging Singularities: High-High Kitsch House Decor and More from Sudan

Highlights include:
Thursday March 30, 18:30-20:30: Sudan No Future without Culture: A discussion with exhibit   curator Frédérique Cifuentes; the director of the Nuba Mountains Tabeldiya organisation, Hiba Khidir; film director Taghreed Elsanhouri; and illustrator and moving-image designer   Besheer Abbaro, son of the ceramicist Mo Abbaro. London’s P21 Gallery is hosting an exhibition of Sudanese art, to be accompanied by lectures, film, and theatre. Book here for £21.71. The exhibition is set to   run from March 24 through May 6, and it features painting from Kamala Ishaaq, Hussein Shariffe, and Mohammed Otaybi; ceramics by Mo Abbaro as well as jewellery; short films; and a section on the Shoaf theatre troupe. His blog is   https://onpaper.blog/. Just looking at pictures is enough of an experience — I can only wonder what it is like to wake up to this in the morning. Raphael Cormack is a PhD student at Edinburgh University working on 19th and 20th Century Egyptian Literature. There are more events in the works. Those who want to encourage more of this kind of event had better go along now. The curator, Frédérique Cifuentes, hopes that this is   the beginning of an ongoing project and, if successful, she hopes to make it an annual event. A series of drop-in drama sessions for families aimed at children 5-12 with Mohammed Terwis will be held on a number of Saturdays in April from 13:00-15:00 at the P21 gallery. Though, if anyone with an eye for the camp has already been to the exhibition, it might well have been bought. Probably the most striking part of the exhibition is a collection of photos of Akram Fathi’s high-high-kitsch house decoration from Khartoum. Saturday   April 22, 11:30-13:30: Cooking masterclass with Omar Eltigani, author of The Sudanese Kitchen. If you want to find out, there was a rose-themed curtain rail apparently on sale for £350. Book of Khartoum   co-editor Raph Cormack dropped in:
By Raph Cormack
Photo credit: Raph Cormack. The events below are at the P21 Gallery. In order to keep up with the program, go to http://emergingsudan.com/. There will also be a closing event on May 6, which will include Sudanese music and some short theatrical performances curated by Moneim Ibrahim. Thursday April 6, 18:00-20:00: Talk on Literature, Translation and Transcreating with Vivienne Glance and Afeif Ismail. It will, therefore, also be accompanied by several different events over the next month, with more to be announced. Advertisements

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