Friday Finds: Rawand Issa’s ‘Not from Mars’

Issa also said, about exciting projects that are forthcoming:
Yes! For example, Nawal ElSaadawi’s “مذكراتي في سجن النساء”* actually encouraged me to take actions in my life. We’re starting a comic zine collective called ZEEZ! “Not from Mars” talks about situations that a girl (which is myself) living in a conservative, capitalist society. It’s powerful to tell people that this happened to me! The Bigmouth is a project that focuses on “womxn, femmes, and non-binary AMEMSA (African, Middle Eastern, Muslim, South Asian) people in comix and illustration,” and Issa’s   Not from Mars is the first zine from Lebanon to be featured:
In an interview with Bigmouth, Issa said of her work:
RI:   The most books that influenced me are autobiographies. *Available in English as   Memoirs   from the   Women’s Prison, trans. The situations are common to many of us ‎insofar as the personal is always in one way or another also political and thus public. Marilyn Booth. The concept of Zines is new to me, and I was amazed by the fact the one can produce a publication by their own, without having to go through the process of publishing houses and the market. We’re hoping to launch our first work in June! Advertisements

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