Sunday Submissions: ALTA40 Bilingual Reading Series Application

NOTE: If the number of applicants exceeds the number of available time slots, preference will be given to readers who are NOT participating in any other conference sessions, to CURRENT ALTA MEMBERS, and to readers who did NOT participate in the Bilingual Readings series at the 2016 ALTA Conference. (To check your membership status, join, or renew, please visit:
All participants in the Bilingual Readings series MUST register for the conference. Organizers write:
The Bilingual Readings Series runs throughout the conference during the day, and occasionally at an off-site location or in the evening hours. Readers are listed in the conference program, and participation in the Bilingual Readings Series is a significant and essential part of the conference programming. Readings must be conducted at least partially in the source language, in addition to English. Readers are organized into sessions during which each reader has a strict 10 minutes to present their work. Advertisements

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Anyone may apply to participate in the Bilingual Readings Series, though preference is given to CURRENT ALTA members (to check your membership status, join, or renew, please visit: Those with questions can ping ALTA Assistant Managing Director Rachael Daum at For those attending the 2017 American Literary Translators Association (ALTA) conference, set this year for Minneapolis October 5-8, the organization is looking for applicants for their Bilingual Reading Series:
The application deadline is May 1. Submissions may not include self-translation, and must be texts translated INTO English from any other language.