Elif Batuman “The Idiot”; Donika Kelly “Bestiary”; Honoring Robert Silvers

Elif explains the book’s unique genesis: she wrote it shortly after graduating, found it in a drawer many years later, and reworked it into its current form. Also, Melissa Febos, author of Abandon Me, returns to recommend a book of poetry, Donika Kelly’s Bestiary. LARB contributor Jon Wiener spoke to Silvers in 2013. Many Elifs contributed to this book — the Harvard freshman, the postgraduate author, the recent literary archaeologist, and the nonfiction author whose celebrated book The Possessed covers a similar time period as a work of “objective journalism.” And, yes, Kate, Medaya, and Elif share their love for Dostoyevsky! Elif Batuman “The Idiot”; Donika Kelly “Bestiary”; Honoring Robert Silvers
By LARB AV –  April 7, 2017

Author Elif Batuman joins Kate and Medaya to discuss her new semi-autobiographical novel, The Idiot, about a Turkish-American freshman at Harvard. And we end by honoring Robert Silvers, legendary founder and editor of the New York Review of Books, who died at 87 in March.