The Monthly Digest: April 2017

— LARB Editorial

“Nature is a Bitch”: An Environmentalist’s Scorn for Tree Huggers
Louise Fabiani – March 21, 2017
Louise Fabiani reviews Benjamin Hale’s “The Wild and the Wicked.”… We hope that the pieces below, which tackle these issues from a number of angles, will serve as an aid to such vital considerations. HUMANS AND NATURE

The Monthly Digest: April 2017
In this month’s digest, we bring you a number of articles on the nature of humans and humans in nature, many of which are drawn from our wide-ranging Science section, edited by the brilliant Michele Pridmore-Brown. As the EPA faces new threats and SpaceX opens the prospect of commercial space flight, we are forced to consider the make-up of our bodies and the future of our planet on a daily basis.