Sunday Submissions: ‘Hawai’i Review’ Looking for Translations, Creative Translation, Multilingual Work

We particularly welcome work from female and / or queer translators, translations from   lesser translated languages, and work originally in Pacific Island or Indigenous languages. Feel free to query us with longer or related project ideas. Multilingual Works: Up to 3,000 words or ten minutes of audio or video. According to the guidelines:
Translation: We are looking for translations in any genre, up to 3,000 words, or ten minutes of audio or video. Up to 3,000 words or ten minutes of audio or video. Hawaiʻi Review, now edited by friend to Arabic literature LynleyShimat Lys, is open for submissions of translation, creative translation, and multilingual work in all genres and media:
Submissions close August 1. You can submit online. Please submit both the work in the   original language   and the translation, and indicate whether the original language work is available for publication. Advertisements

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