Sunday Submissions: 2017 Gulf Coast Prize in Translation

Bernofsky adds:
The application instructions are a bit of a mess where permissions are concerned (they clearly didn’t read my translation rights primer   and wound up asking for something that doesn’t make sense), but muddle through as best you can, and let them know if you have questions. 8, 2017. The application deadline is Sept. From the   Gulf Coast   website:
Send up to twenty pages of prose translated into English. Advertisements

Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailPrintLinkedInRedditGoogleTumblrPinterestPocketLike this:Like Loading…‹ After You’ve Read Omar Robert Hamilton’s ‘The City Always Wins,’ 5 MoreCategories: submissions, translation Excerpts from longer works are welcome and preference will be given to contemporary work published within the last fifty years. As part of your submission, include the text in its original language, provide a brief synopsis (no more than 200 words) of the work and the author you are translating, and indicate whether you have, and can grant us, permission to publish the original work and the translation. The 2017 prize   will be reading this year in the prose category, and it comes with a purse of $1000 and publication in   Gulf Coast. Over at Translationista, Susan Bernofsky reminds that the time for submitting to the 2017 Gulf Coast Prize in Translation has come:
No Arabic work has yet won or been given an an honorable mention or commendation from the four-year-old prize, so perhaps 2017 is our year. There will also be two $250 honorable mentions.