New Arab and Arabic Zines, ComicCons, Comix Festivals, and Submission Calls


Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailPrintLinkedInRedditGoogleTumblrPinterestPocketLike this:Like Loading…‹ Algerian Writer Samira Negrouche on Her 3 Mother Tongues, Translating Poetry, and Collaborative WritingCategories: comics, graphic novels We would like to create a place in which young Arab people could live their enjoyment beyond censorship. As usual, there is much going in the Arab and Arabophone comix world:
In Beirut, a new graphic novel collective,   Zeez,   launched their first titles last month:
Sharing the common theme of the street, each of these 6 mini-comics was written, drawn and silkscreened by a different artist from the Zeez collective. The end result is a collection of diverse and personal works, 6 unique one color mini comics, each available in limited editions. And also in Lebanon, the Mahmoud Kahil prize open for submissions, now through August 15. In addition to a submissions call in Arabic, French, and English, “HALAL welcomes people from Turkey and Iran as well! Meanwhile, from Morocco, a new zine called   Halal   was in the works:
HALAL is a zine project that provide a free space of self-expression to the Arab World’s youth. And on the heels of CairoComix in October of this year, Sulaymaniyah, Iraq is set to have its first-ever comics festival. Prolilfic Lebanese graphic novelist and musician Mazen Kerbaj makes his English-language debut next month with   Beirut Won’t Cry,   introduced by Joe Sacco. The prize is now in its third year. You can also send submissions in Turkish and Farsi!”
Tunis just staged its second annual ComicCon July 7-9   with both local and international artists.