Sunday Submissions: Best Translated Book Awards 2018

Please write “BTBA 2018” on the front of the package.
— Open Letter Books (@open_letter) August 29, 2017

This will be the eleventh year for the US-based   Best Translated Book Award, which was founded to “draw attention to the best works of translated literature that came out the following year.” Judges look both at the quality of the book and the translation, “with the argument that you can’t have a great work of literature without both of these aspects working at a very high level.”
Each winning author and translator receives a $5000 cash prize. For more, including mailing labels for the judges, visit the BTBA website. Every book that’s submitted will be reviewed in full by at least one judge. To submit:
To ensure that their books are given full consideration, publishers should send a copy to each of the judges in the appropriate category. There is no submission fee. Unlike past years, all of the 2018 judges are based in the U.S. Send the books now, but make sure you get them all in by December 31, 2017. There are nine fiction judges and five poetry, but Open Letter’s offices are included as well for record-keeping purposes. Send us your submissions!  


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Here it is–all the info for the 2018 Best Translated Book Awards! Dates: The longlist is expected on April 10, 2018; the finalists on May 15, 2018; and the winners on Thursday, May 31, 2018. Works eligible: Any literary work in translation, published in English, that appeared “for the first time ever” between January 1, 2017 and December 31, 2017. to save publishers on shipping costs.