Friday Finds: Montasser Al-Qaffash’s ‘Checking out the Apartment’

This story appeared in Montasser Al-Qaffash’s story collection At Eye Level, which won the 2014 Sawiris Prize for Short Fiction:
It appears in   World Literature Today,   translated by   Gretchen McCullough, and opens:
The story started with a phone call from Mohsen. Keep reading at   World Literature Today. I decided to go since this was the first apartment Mohsen had offered to show me himself—he had heard most of my apartment stories. He found an apartment on the Nile. The price was within my budgeted savings. I also smelled a rat because it was so cheap. I refused right away when I learned it was close to Tora Prison. Also read   the translator’s note: “Sheltering Words: Collaboratively Translating Montasser Al-Qaffash”


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