LARB Radio Hour: The Faith and Fortitude of Min Jin Lee

Also, Medaya recommends Janet Malcolm’s The Silent Woman, a biographical study of Sylvia Plath and Ted Hughes’ relationship that uses this legendary, tragic, near-mythical relationship to critique the distorting operation of conventional biographies.   LARB Radio Hour: The Faith and Fortitude of Min Jin Lee
By LARB AV –  February 9, 2018

Befitting the scope of Min Jin Lee’s National Book Award-nominated novel Pachinko, this interview sweeps delightfully through a broad range of subjects — the challenges of writing a historical novel, of representing the unique pressures felt by immigrants, 20th Century Korean and Japanese relations, Presbyterian theology, fate, the dangers inherent in the American pursuit of happiness, the importance of valuing suffering and perseverance, and a show stopping meta-moment where we reflect on the possibilities of a LARB Radio interview — animated throughout by the joy and intensity that co-hosts Eric Newman, Kate Wolf, and Medaya Ocher experienced reading Min Jin Lee’s masterpiece.