RAYA Agency’s 7 New Signed Titles, Available for Translation

Presumably this French translation can also be read by interested acquiring publishers who work in other languages. The Book of the Sultan’s Seal is a suspenseful and erotic read, a riotous examination of Muslim demise.” Rights available in other languages. Jraissati writes: “Partly a tale of the fantastic, and partly a political pamphlet. Innocence,   by   Habib Selmi
From previously IPAF-shortlisted Tunisian novelist Habib Selmi, this novel is “[a]n illustration of the hypocrisy of Arab societies, who even though speaking of modernity and the need for change, still cling to obsolete traditions and values.”
French translation forthcoming from Actes Sud. Rights to other languages are available. The Second Dog War,   by   Ibrahim Nasrallah
This International Prize for Arabic Fiction-shortlisted novel (2018 shortlist) is a dystopian look at a not-so-distant future where technological advances serve an extreme form of consumerism, ultimately threatening life itself. The seven new titles:
The Raven’s Claw,   by   Yahya al-Qassim
“A major work, comparable to Mounif’s classic Cities of salt” (L. From the IPAF: “This novel exposes the ugly transformations of society and reality using the techniques of fantasy and science fiction. Maps of Yunus,   by   Mahmoud Hosni  
As Jraissati writes: “A 33-year-old man, a little girl, and a stranded whale: Their fates are tied in a post-apocalyptic world. 99th Floor,   by   Jana Elhassan
This book is already available in English, in Michelle Hartman’s translation, published by Interlink, and French, German, and Italian translations are also available or forthcoming. RAYA Agency, the sole international-facing literary agency representing Arabic titles, has added seven new titles for spring 2018:
Beirut-based RAYA was founded by Yasmina Jraissati and represents books by a number of major Arab authors, such as Sinan Antoon, Ibrahim Nasrallah, Samar Yazbek, Jabbour Douaihy, and Hoda Barakat. Praise for the Women of This Family,   by   Mahmoud Shukair
Interlink has acquired English rights to this IPAF-longlisted (2016) novel that Jraissati calls a “family saga, the novel witnesses the rapid advance of modernity and the seeds of conflict beginning to grow in 1950s Palestine.” Rights in other languages still available. Advertisements

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The Book of the Sultan’s Seal,   by   Youssef Rakha
This brilliant debut novel is available in English (from Interlink), French, and German. A beautiful debut novel.” Read an excerpt in translation on ArabLit. From Jraissati: “This epic novel is a magnificent insight into the origins of contemporary Saudi socio-political dynamics.”
Jraissati also notes that a full French translation, by Luc Barbulesco, was supported by a benefactor and will be donated to the acquiring French publisher at no further cost.