Junot Diaz Writes for a New Generation

Also, Elon Musk’s SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket inspired LARB Radio’s Dan Lopez to re-read, and highly recommend, Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars Trilogy Junot Diaz Writes for a New Generation
By LARB AV –  April 13, 2018

What motivates a great novelist to write a children’s book? Author Junot Diaz joins co-hosts Eric Newman and Kate Wolf to discuss the inspiration behind Islandborn, the story of five year-old Lola learning about her family’s history and culture, beautifully illustrated by Leo Espinoza. What follows is a penetrating conversation about the severe under-representation of people of color in children’s books, the long-overdue reckoning that needs to happen across society, the genius of diasporic literature, and the healing potential of stories for all ages, about all peoples, that convey universal human experience.