‘Spicing Up Sci-Fi’ at London’s MFest, a Festival of Muslim Cultures and Ideas


Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailPrintLinkedInRedditGoogleTumblrWhatsAppPinterestTelegramPocketSkypeLike this:Like Loading…‹ Teaching with Arabic Literature in Translation: ‘Djinn Stories: Poetry, Madness, and Memory’Categories: science fiction • “Soren Lind, scriptwriter and co-director, will present a UK debut of the plot for In Vitro, a forthcoming CGI post-apocalyptic dystopia set in Bethlehem, co-directed with Palestinian filmmaker and artist Larissa Sansour. Al-Noman, both an author and publisher, recently secured the rights to bring out   Dune   in Arabic. It will be held at the British Library on Euston Road, chaired by   journalist and commentator, Faisal Al Yafai. The conversation begins around   the classic Frank Herbert novel   Dune,   which, organizers note, is:

Loaded with Islamic etymology, Dune contains an abundance of concepts derived from Arabic references such as the Butlerian Jihad (a human struggle against computers, thinking machines and conscious robots); Bene Gesserit (an ancient school of mental and physical training established primarily for female students after the Buterian Jihad destroyed the so called ‘thinking machines’ and robots; Sayyadina (women of the ‘Freman’ religious hierarchy); Jubba Cloak (a protective garment that can reflect or absorb radiant heat worn by the people of Arrakis (a futuristic desert planet); Ruh-Spirit (a ‘Freman’ belief that individuals are rooted in and capable of sensing the metaphysical world); and Mahdi (the one who will lead the ‘Freman’ to paradise). Tickets are £5, although the next person to support ArabLit on Patreon — at any amount from $1 — can have two free tickets. The panel features:
• “Nafeez Ahmed, a best-selling British investigative reporter, international security analyst and author of Zero Point, a political science-fiction thriller featuring mass riots, blackouts, financial meltdown and a new oil war in Iraq to keep the world economy afloat. •” Panel luminaries also include Naomi Foyle, author of The Gaia Chronicles, an eco-science fantasy quartet set in a post-fossil fuel Mesopotamia. On Saturday, April 28, “Spicing Up Sci-Fi: The Dunes Strike Back” will bring science-fiction writers, artists, editors, and critics together to discuss “hybrid perspectives on sci fi”:
The Saturday, April 28 event will start at 2 pm. • “Beaming up to join the panel from the United Arab Emirates is Noura Al- Noman, acclaimed author of the Ajwan space saga – a Young Adult book series causing a sensation in the Arabic speaking world.