The Monthly Digest: December 2018

As always, we are struck by the wide variety of topics represented in the list. They range from politics to science, from film to self-help, from the state of education in our nation to the effect of social media on human behavior. We take pride in this variety, which reflects the diverse interests of our readership. — LARB Editorial

Bach at the Burger King
Theodore Gioia – May 17, 2018
When the music of Vivaldi and Mozart are used to repel the homeless from sidewalks and Burger Kings, does it still glorify the dignity of humanity?… Thank you, dear readers, for pushing us to widen our horizons! Below are the 15 most popular articles to have appeared on our site in 2018. LARB IN 2018: TOP 15

The Monthly Digest: December 2018
Every December we present LARB’s version of the People’s Choice Awards.