Three Free Online: ‘Modern Art in The Arab World,’ ‘The Stillborn,’ ‘Gate of the Sun’

Anneka Lenssen, Sarah Rogers, and Nada Shabout   available free online as a PDF. Humphrey Davies. We discussed this book back on Episode 11 of Bulaq. You can also read a letter   Khoury wrote to the activists who erected a new Bab al-Shams, named after   Gate of the Sun,   and also an interview with Khoury about   the relationship between an author and his characters. Its texts—some 125 in all—originate from more than twelve countries and their diasporas, and at least four source languages, altogether spanning a full century of writing about art from the experience of modernity’s rapidly shifting commitments and contradictions. #
Archipelago Books has also created a free ebook library. In assembling these documents, we have proceeded from an awareness that conversations and debates, as much as the fixed properties of finished art objects, gave meaning to the new art practices and theories of the twentieth century. Download the book from the MOMA website. From the introduction:

This book is devoted to documenting the tremendous discursive energies of modern artists and critics who lived and worked in the Arabic-speaking regions of the Middle East and North Africa. The collection includes a range of essays on art from the 1880s to the 1980s; the book’s senior translation editor was Kareem James Abu-Zeid. Among the titles is Elias Khoury’s seminal   Gate of the Sun,   tr. Three Free Online: ‘Modern Art in The Arab World,’ ‘The Stillborn,’ ‘Gate of the Sun’

Three must-read books, translated mostly or entirely from the Arabic, have appeared free online from   publishers in recent weeks:
The Museum of Modern Art has made Modern Art in The Arab World: Primary Documents (2018), ed. #
Seagull Books has also been posting free PDFs of select novels in their list, including Arwa Salih’s must-read   The Stillborn,   translated by Samah Selim.