10 Arabic ‘Nostalgia Plays’ Come to Netflix

All the plays will be subtitled in English. 10 Arabic ‘Nostalgia Plays’ Come to Netflix

Netflix is releasing a series of Arabic plays before Eid al-Fitr:
With their new releases — plays such as El Eyal Kebret,   Al Motzawgoon, Raya w Skeina,   and   Bye Bye London —   Netflix promises to take viewers back to the 1970s and ’80s on “a nostalgic trip down memory lane.”
The other plays are: Morahek Fl Khamseen, Shahid Ma Shafsh Haga, Sok Ala Banatak, Madraset Almoshagbien, and Elwad Sayed Elshagal. The plays will be available to subscribers at Netflix.com/ArabicNostalgia   starting today. We want to give people the opportunity to not only reminisce and relive their childhood, but allow them to create new memories with a new generation. In a prepared statement, Netflix’s MENA Director of Licensing Nuha AlTayeb said:
We feel a great amount of pride and joy in bringing these Arabic plays to the service – stories that many of our members in the region have grown up watching.