Friday Finds: Lina Mounzer Translates Mazen Maarouf

The story opens:
We never suspected that the Lion Cub was not, in fact, a lion cub until his bicycle was stolen. Jonathan Wright, was on   Granta
Mazen Maarouf: At the Intersection Between Surrealism and Fantasy
Three poems of Maarouf’s, translated by   Kareem James Abu-Zeid and Nathalie Handal: On Death, Downtown and A Stray Bullet. His gun lay by his side. More Mounzer:
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Translating Trash
Apocalypse NOW
War in Translation and Giving Voice to the Women of Syria Friday Finds: Lina Mounzer Translates Mazen Maarouf

I hadn’t realized   Rusted Radishes   had put so many of their translated works online:
“The Lion Cub” is from way back in Issue 5, but if you haven’t seen it, you certainly should. He only shot a few rounds into the air from his bedroom window, then lay down on the sponge mattress on the ground, tears dripping from his wide-open eyes, staring at the ceiling, longing intensely for his mother. Maarouf will also be appearing at this year’s Liverpool Arab Arts Festivals. More Maarouf:
Portion of Jam,   tr. He made no attempt to get it back.