Sunday Submissions: Speculative Fiction in Translation

They pay in all categories. Sunday Submissions: Speculative Fiction in Translation

Samovar is a triannual magazine of and about speculative fiction in translation, published by Strange Horizons,   and they are currently open to submissions:
All submissions, they write, are considered by the Samovar editors —   Sarah Dodd,   Greg West, and   Laura Friis — and they are looking for submissions from all languages, particularly from “individuals from groups or backgrounds that have historically been marginalized and/or under-represented within speculative fiction.”
All submissions should be made through their Moksha page. Find out more at their website, and submit your translation   via Moksha. The submission guidelines add:
If your work doesn’t have a speculative element, or speculative-fiction sensibilities, it’s probably not for us. They’re looking for translated fiction, review-essays, translated nonfiction, translated poetry, and interviews with spec-fic authors translated to English. We are open to unusual yet readable styles, inventive structures and narratives, and works that address political issues in complex and nuanced ways, resisting oversimplification. If it is not a translation, it’s not for us. We value expanding our perceptions, whether through reading narratives or poems from under-represented groups, or through you sharing insight.