Varieties of Violence

— LARB Editorial

Histories of Violence: Why We Should All Read Malcolm X Today
Brad Evans – June 1, 2020
Brad Evans speaks with Kehinde Andrews, whose latest book is “Back to Black: Retelling Black Radicalism for the 21st Century.”… And for a larger selection of Evans’s work, check out Atrocity Exhibition, published last year by LARB Books. Violence can take any number of forms. It can be the work of individuals or masses, of corporations or states. Below is a selection of essays, reviews, and interviews — including two from Evans’s ongoing series — that address varieties of violence. VARIETIES OF VIOLENCE

Varieties of Violence
Since January 2017, LARB has been the home of philosopher Brad Evans’s series of interviews with leading thinkers, authors, artists, and activists on histories of violence. It can be economic or environmental in nature. Traditional weapons need not be involved. The topic is a vast one, and never ceases to be timely.