Upcoming Poetry Translation Centre Workshop, Focus: Mostafa Ibrahim

At both workshops, Nariman Youssef   will be joined by poet and PTC Commissioning Editor   Edward Doegar. The online workshops, which are “pay what you want,” will take place over   two 90-minute sessions   on Zoom over   two consecutive Tuesdays. A rough and ready guild translation is provided by the guest translator so   there is no need to know the language being translated, simply sign up and bring your love of language. We have had participants from the UK, Ireland, Nigeria, New Zealand and Sri Lanka. There was an earlier PTC workshop focused on Ibrahim’s poetry in 2014. PTC organizers write:

Join in to meet poetry lovers, translators and poets from across the globe, then get to know each other as you share insights and language skills, working together to open up a poem in its original language and reassemble it into an English translation. Places are limited, so organizers ask that those who book arrange to attend both sessions: Tuesday March 16 and Tuesday 23,   from 18:30-20:00 GMT. Upcoming Poetry Translation Centre Workshop, Focus: Mostafa Ibrahim

The London-based Poetry Translation Centre (PTC) has announced that one of their forthcoming sessions will focus on translating work by Mostafa Ibrahim. Mostafa Ibrahim   published is first collection, Western Union, Haram, in January 2011, and his second, Manifesto, in 2013. This popular second collection was popular both in print and in audio readings and adaptations. The 2021 workshop, like the one seven years ago, will also be led by writer-translator Nariman Youssef. Register now:

At the Poetry Translation Centre website

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Mostafa Ibrahim’s “Balloons,” translated by Nariman Youssef with PTC workshop participants The workshops are the perfect way to keep you feeling creative, engaged and connected to the world at large. But this time, the workshops will be online, accessible from anywhere in the world.