Upcoming Events: Translation Workshop, Book-group Discussion, Spoken-word Poetry, More

March 26

Poet Najwan Darwish will be discussing his new collection of poetry Exhausted on the Cross in a discussion moderated by Founder and Director of the Cheuse Center, Matthew Davis. Register in advance here. March 24

On March 24 the student-run Arabic Lecture Series at NYU’s Kevorkian Center will host an event with scholar, poet and translator Mona Kareem titled, “على أطلال الأدب القومي: عن أدب يكتبه الغرباء” (On the Ruins of National Literature: Literature Written by Outsiders). More here. Upcoming Events: Translation Workshop, Book-group Discussion, Spoken-word Poetry, More

A few of upcoming online events:

March 16

PTC Online Workshops: Egyptian Arabic poet Mostafa Ibrahim. March 19

Yasmine Motawy talking to Leila Aboulela about literature, history, and human rights in her book   The Kindness of Enemies   as part of   @respond_read   project. March 17

The Center of Greek and Arabic Literature and Culture   (K.EL.A.L.P.) will host “Women in Greek and Arabic Poetry” starting at 19:00 (Greek time). al-Rahim. March 27

@ARCENational will host “Zikra: Remembering ‘Abd al-Halim Hafiz,” a presentation by Dr. Zoom details: Meeting ID: 741 2343 6837. Abu Sitta   will recount his story growing up in pre-Nakba Palestine, as well as his journey to become one of the most respected figures among Palestinian activists through the Palestine Land Society project. Nicholas Mangialardi on the singer’s musical legacy & live performance of ‘Abd al-Halim hits by Egyptian jazz band. More here. March 23

A conversation with Salman Abu Sitta, author of   Mapping My Return: A Palestinian Memoir   (AUC Press, 2016), and Alessandro Columbu, lecturer in Arabic languages and cultures, University of Westminster. Register here. March 31

“Arabic Literary Prose, Adab Literature, and the Formation of Islamicate Imperial Culture” with Ahmed H. Later in March

March 21

Adabiyat Book Club discusses Leila Aboulela’s   The Kindness of Enemies. UK time. March 18

The MENAWA book-group discussion of Layla Alammar’s The Pact We Made is set for March 18 at 5 p.m. Passcode: 9abXzk. More on Twitter. Join via Zoom. More here. More here. Webinar ID: 998 0613 2805 and passcode: 799598. More here. From organizers: “This lecture, based on a chapter in the forthcoming The Cambridge History of World Literature, traces the rise of Arabic prose in the context of empire building and translation of Middle Persian and Graeco-Hellenic literature that transformed Arabic into a literary index of civilizational interconnectivity (with ancient Greece, Persia, Sogdia, and India) and thus into a language of world literature.” *

KALIMAT promises an evening showcasing three spoken-word and musical artists:   @DanaDpoetry,   @JulianaYaz   &   @RafeefZiadah. More here.